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The Magalies German Shepherd Dog Club is registered with the German Shepherd Dog Federation of South Africa (GSDFSA) that in turn is a member of the SV (Verein für Deutche Schäefer Hunde) based in Germany. The SV is a member of the German Kennel Club (VDH), the Fèdèration Gynologique Internationale (FCI) as well as the World Union of German Shepherd Associations (WUSV).


The objective of the GSDFSA is also the objective of the Magalies German Shepherd Dog Club.


In summary, the objective is:


  • to provide specialized training for GSDFSA registered German Shepherd Dogs

  • to ensure that the German Shepherd Dog breed standard is maintained.

  • to provide a safe environment for families and friends to interact and have fun with their dogs.


To meet this objective, the following activities are undertaken:


  • Provide training facilities for German Shepherd Dogs.

  • Host Breed Shows, Breed Surveys and Trials.

  • Provide education on breeding, rearing and training of German Shepherd Dogs.

  • Encourage information sharing amongst members and foster friendly relationships.

  • Promote the German Shepherd Dog as a versatile dog breed.


Magalies German Shepherd Dog Club has a dedicated team of experienced trainers who have a proven track record of success in the competition arena. Our members are passionate about the breed and dedicate much of their leisure time to train their dogs.


Do join us.

Team Magalies

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